Rise of Immortals, beta abierta gratis

Rise of Immortals, beta abierta gratis
6 de julio, 2011

El juego de Petroglyph acaba de ser anunciado como beta abierta. Rise of Immortals, es un juego gratuito online Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Os dejamos las características de Rise of Immortals:

– Free-to-play
– 12 unique Immortals at launch with additional Immortals released on a regular basis
– Persistent per-Immortal level progression and skill trees
– Persistent artifacts for stat enhancements
– Player versus Environment instances with collectable items
– Player versus Player instances with up to 5v5 multiplayer
– Persistent experience and leveling in both PvP and PvE instances
– Account and Immortal statistics tracking
– Player hub instances for socialization
– Collectible pets for combat and vanity (post-launch feature)

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